Now, that is really the largest fable about the entire thing!

Automotive engine that runs on water is not any marvel and no newest invention even. The method of electrolysis that decomposes H2O into oxygen and hydrogen has been recognized to individuals for greater than two centuries – and that is exactly what is required on your vehicle engine to be transformed from gas-powered to water-powered LS swap oil pans.

To make the image clearer, let’s handle some widespread myths a few automobile engine that runs on water:

Delusion #1. A water-powered engine is much less environment friendly than a gas-powered one.

This assertion is baseless. Hydro-power has confirmed itself as a mighty supply of vitality. Varied assessments confirmed that utilizing H2O as gas may be much more environment friendly than utilizing standard gas. Evidently, it’s a far cheaper method to run a automobile.

Automotive Engine That Runs on Water – What’s Reality and What’s Delusion

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