Home Power Correction is the idea of controlling the eight Directional Energies; 7 Chakras and seven Power Our bodies of the Individuals; Boosting and Balancing the 5 Components of the Lands & Buildings. Merely said, it’s the Complete Power Rectification of Horoscopes of the Household Members and Enterprise Companions; Vaastu and Fengshui Power Correction for his or her Lands & Buildings. Learn the revealing FAQs about distinctive Crystal Power Fields based mostly on the Historical Siddha Programming Strategies for Karma Correction. That is the primary of a sequence of three elements of FAQs.

Query 1 : What precisely is “Power Correction” ?

Human beings, like all objects, obtain completely different ranges of energies from the eight completely different instructions. When all of the eight directional energies are optimistic sufficient, they get optimistic outcomes. When the vitality ranges dip beneath a restrict, they undergo. For instance, if an individual receives excessive optimistic vitality from his North, he will probably be financially properly off. But when he additionally receives damaging vitality from his South East, he won’t ever be capable to get pleasure from it. The blue print of the vitality ranges of an individual at his start time is what you possibly can name as his Start Horoscope.

These eight vitality streams management the 7 Chakras and seven Power Our bodies of the particular person, which in flip management each factor else in his life. The standard (optimistic or damaging) of the vitality and the quantum (proportion) of the vitality that an individual receives is his Karma or Future. The idea of correcting the eight Directional Energies and tuning the 7 Chakras & Power Our bodies of an individual in order that he stays inside a 100% optimistic vitality belt all his life-time known as Private Power Correction.

Query 2 : Are you able to clarify extra about these Power Beams from the eight Instructions ?

Power (or Prana or Chi) is pure and on it is personal, is all the time balanced optimistic. It’s the fundamental energy brick on which the Cosmos is constructed upon. Nevertheless, relying upon the Karma of the Particular person, Land and Constructing, it/he receives vitality both as optimistic or damaging. Then the proportion of the optimistic or damaging vitality that it/he receives culminates in optimistic or damaging occasions of it is/his life. In contrast to Land and Constructing, the Particular person strikes. The place the Particular person strikes, his Karma follows. So do the Power Beams that he receives from the eight Instructions. It doesn’t matter what path he’s transferring or going through, it doesn’t matter whether or not he’s in India or America, he retains receiving the identical Power Beams with the identical High quality (Constructive or Destructive) and Amount (Share), till the change is destined or caused Direct Energy.

Query three : You spoke of Horoscope & Karma. Are you saying that each might be rectified ?

Sure ofcourse. All of the Planetary Energies are obtained by an individual by means of the eight Directional Energies solely. By filtering or/and remodeling them, you pacify the planets, take away the results of issues like feminine curses, planetary & pithru doshas, and so on. In different phrases, you rectify the Start Horoscope itself. Actually, there’s a extra subtle course of with which I undertake Karma Correction itself. This course of minimises the dangerous karma to such an extent that one merely would not really feel it is influence in any respect.

Query four : So then what’s “Home Power Correction” ?

Home Power Correction is a two fold course of. Within the first fold, Private Power Correction (together with Horoscope Rectification) for all of the residing relations is completed. Within the second fold, the 5 Components of the Land and the Home are totally balanced. In different phrases, the Karma of the Lands, Dwelling and the Individuals residing there are built-in, cleansed, tuned and balanced. That known as Home Power Correction.

Home Power Correction, Horoscopes, Karma & Crystal Power Fields – Half I

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