The 7 Qualities YOU want to find in a Life or Business Coach.

If you are curious about how a coach will change your life?

You are in the right place!

A life or business coach will not change your life. Your coach will help you change your own life. Every decision is yours every step of the way. Your coach is interested only in empowering you and finding your true inner passion by helping you get absolute clarity and tapping into your core values and your pure vision about what you want to achieve in your life.

At what time in life do you decide that you would benefit from or even need the services of a business or life coach Business Mastery?

Many people seek life coaching when they are experiencing a transition in either their personal life or their careers. Those who seek business coaching are either wanting a faster path to success or feel that they are stuck and need to make a breakthrough. In both cases people want to find a strategic way to take correct action. Clarify their vision, find their inner, core strength or passion and gain momentum to excel in a long or short term goal.

Before you work with a coach, request a discovery session and find out if the coach has these 7 Qualities:

1. You Are the Expert.
No one knows you and your inner world of thoughts and feelings better than you. Does your potential coach honor that you are the absolute expert on you? A good coach will respect and acknowledge you for who you are and work with you to maximize your strengths and support or delegate your weaknesses.

How Will a Life Coach Change My Life?

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