What is Outdoor Life Coaching?

First of all I suppose there maybe needs to be some clarification about what exactly is meant by outdoor life coaching. Whilst I often blithely tell people it does what it says on the tin – that it is life coaching performed outside – this isn’t always useful. There are many articles that you could go to for a discussion of what life coaching is and the benefits of it; my basic premise is that it is anything whereby I, as a coach, assist you in your performance of life, whether that be in a work or ‘social’ context. This might be through helping you to overcome an obstacle, making you more effective in an existing life process or in supporting you through the practicalities of setting and ultimately achieving an existing or new goal UPW Tony Robbins.

A lot of life coaching tends to be done in therapy-style settings in an office, meeting room or similar where a conversation can take place and the coach is able to take notes. It can be very business-like if it is purely work-related or more relaxed if the topic is mainly life outside your job.

Outdoor coaching obviously shies away from these constraints but yet can produce results that are at least as good as those seen by people operating indoors. However, there are several other benefits that coaching outdoors brings.

Outdoor Life Coaching Explained

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