Sufferers are at all times shocked to be taught that there are only a few legal guidelines governing the observe of drugs. In reality, a doctor who’s licensed to observe drugs by his state medical board – no matter his specialty – can legally present counseling for anybody, even when she or he has completely no coaching in psychology in any respect!

As an example, simply because a physician calls himself a psychiatrist isn’t any assure that he’s truly competent to observe psychiatry. For instance, legally, a proctologist, a medical physician licensed as a specialist solely in problems of the rectum, can label himself as a non-board licensed psychiatrist and do adolescent counseling for drug issues or psychotherapy for suicidal patients-all, with no coaching in psychology.

Holistic psychologist Perthlicensed solely as a specialist in treating urinary problems, can once more determine himself or herself as a psychiatrist, although non board-certified, and nonetheless deal with a dangerously bipolar affected person; and a dermatologist, truly licensed as a specialist solely in pores and skin problems may name himself a psychiatrist and deal with your baby for ADHD-it is all authorized and could be finished with no coaching no matter in psychology or psychological well being therapy.

These three examples could appear ludicrous. However, keep in mind women and men typically get their therapies for despair and anxiousness with out ever checking, and even caring to see if the medical physician they’re consulting is board-certified in psychiatry?

Don’t assume that your medical physician has the proper credentials to carry out top quality psychological, counseling or psychotherapeutic therapies. In any case, even board certification in psychiatry isn’t any assure as a result of most board-certified psychiatrists have solely three years of specialised coaching in psychological well being therapy.

Most of their coaching is in physiology, chemistry, sciences and common drugs. Subsequently, they normally prescribe medicine and do little, if any, counseling or psychotherapy.

Display screen your attainable therapist with the next three questions:

1. Are you licensed by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology?


Psychologist Or Psychiatrist? three Inquiries to Ask Earlier than Making an Appointment

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